Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday reading - new acquisitions

Here are some titles that are just arriving in the library - you'll notice that several of them have Stanford ties (Girard, Canto-Sperber, and a special mention to the publication of Lara Moore's dissertation, Restoring Order: The Ecole Des Chartes and the Organization of Archives and Libraries in France, 1820-1870.)


Anspach, Mark Rogin. René Girard. (Cahiers de l’Herne, 89). Paris: Herne, 2008.

Artiaga, Loïc. Le roman populaire: des premiers feuilletons aux adaptions télévisuelles, 1836-1960. Collection Mémoires, no. 143. Paris: Autrement, 2008.

Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas, 1636-1711. Art of poetry and Lutrin. Richmond, Surrey, U.K. : Oneworld Classics, 2008.

Canto-Sperber, Monique. Que peut l'éthique? Conversations pour demain. Paris: Textuel, 2008.

Cheng, François. L’un vers l’autre: en voyage avec Victor Segalen. Paris : A. Michel, 2008.

Dubreuil, Laurent. L'empire du langage: colonies et francophonie. Paris: Hermann, 2008.

Étienne, Marie. King of a hundred horsemen. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008.

Les ports dans l'Europe méditerranéenne: trafics et circulation, images et représentations, XVIe-XXIe siècles. Actes du colloque tenu à Montpellier les 19 et 20 mars 2004 en hommage à Louis Dermigny (1916-1974). Montpellier: Publications Montpellier 3, 2008.

McCabe, Ina Baghdiantz. Orientalism in early modern France : Eurasian trade, exoticism, and the Ancien Régime. Oxford ; New York : Berg, 2008.

Mokkadem, Hamid. Littératures calédoniennes: la littérature océanienne francophone est-elle une littérature française? Marseille: La courte échelle éditions transit, 2008.

Moore, Lara Jennifer. Restoring Order: The Ecole Des Chartes and the Organization of Archives and Libraries in France, 1820-1870. Duluth, Minn: Litwin Books, 2008.


Bertozzi, Marco, 1963- Storia del documentario italiano : immagini e culture dell'altro cinema. Venezia : Marsilio, 2008.

Lettere in libertà : dalle iniziali miniate ai graffiti, alfabeti, segni, immagini. Parma : Museo Bodoniano, 2007.

Luzzi, Joseph. Romantic Europe and the ghost of Italy. New Haven : Yale University Press, c2008.

Picone, Michelangelo, 1943- Boccaccio e la codificazione della novella : letture del "Decameron". Ravenna : Longo, c2008.

Rea, Roberto. Cavalcanti poeta : uno studio sul lessico lirico. Roma : Nuova cultura, 2008.

Santoro, Marco. Materiali per una bibliografia degli studi sulla storia del libro italiano. Pisa : F. Serra, 2008.

Scriboni, Mirella. Abbasso la guerra! : voci di donne da Adua al primo conflitto mondiale (1896-1915). Pisa : BFS, c2008.

On the Italian front, I'd also like to bring your attention to a new facsimile edition of Leonardo da Vinci's Leicester Codex, with English translation, available to consult in Special Collections:

Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519. The Leicester Codex (Hammer Codex). Roma: TREC edizioni pregiati, c2006.

And if you have time this holiday season, the Legion of Honor museum in SF has a nice exhibit of some of Leonardo's drawings from the collections of the Biblioteca Reale in Turin.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ARTFL's online Encyclopédie - 10th anniversary

From ARTFL's director, Robert Morrissey, comes news about the new and improved content, interface, and functionalities of the ARTFL Encyclopédie Project:

"On this, the 10th anniversary of the ARTFL Encyclopédie Project, I am very pleased to present a new version of the digital Encyclopédie and to announce its release to the general public. While we have steadily made improvements over the years, this new version marks an important stage in the unfolding development of the electronic edition of Diderot and d'Alembert's monumental work. The author attributions have been verified and corrected; new searching functions have been introduced; new research and archival materials have been made available. This version includes not only the four volume Supplement to the Encyclopédie, but also the proofs of censored articles and legal documents bound together in the so-called "18th volume." For the first time, our user community will be able to participate in the correction and improvement of the edition by using our "report error" link to inform us of errors they encounter. All these factors have contributed to our decision to make most elements of this site available not just to the scholarly community of ARTFL subscribers, but to the public at large."

Editor's Introduction:
Introduction (version française):

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sans papier

Cornell's French Studies Program has recently launched a new electronic series of pre-prints in the field of French and Francophone Studies. Entitled Sans papier, scholars are encouraged to submit their work, which will be read by an editorial board before being made accessible on their website as protected PDF files. However, note that this is not a peer-reviewed publication, rather it is a way of disseminating new research in a timely manner. Copyright remains with the author, who is free to submit the work elsewhere.

For more information about this innovative scholarly communication initiative, please see their website: Sans papier.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Really old books, recently acquired

Incunabula is the term used for books printed before 1501 in Europe. Since printing using a mechanical press only really began in 1455, these are very early examples of printed books. The British Library produces various catalogs of incunabula, primarily the 13-part work:

British Museum, Dept. of Printed Books. Catalogue of books printed in the XVth century in the British Museum, London (Green Z240 .B863 F) and the Incunabula Short Title Catalogue.

We have recently acquired units 65, 66, and 70 of Incunabula [microform]: the printing revolution in Europe, 1455-1500, editor-in-chief, Lotte Hellinga.

These units, Printing in French, include full-text reproductions of 278 incunabula. Printed guides with title lists are in the Media-Microtext Room (or will be soon), and I have Word documents of title lists that I'd be happy to send to you.

We also hold units 26-28, Philosophy: Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance.

Here's the publisher's blurb about the entire set: "Based on the Incunabula Short Title Catalogue (ISTC) at the British Library, this microfiche collection reproduces full-text editions of incunabula from libraries around the world. The texts are arranged around subject themes, such as: law, medicine, philosophy, classical texts in translation, romances, geography, cosmography and journeys of discovery, chronicles and historiography; and provide for the study of early book production in the first stages of European printing."

Friday, November 21, 2008


The European library recently went live with its digital library, Europeana. Unfortunately, they weren't prepared for the traffic, and had to take it down almost immediately.
According to an article in the New York Times today, "The most interest came from Germany, at 17 percent, followed by France, at 10 percent, Spain at 9 percent, Italy at 6 percent, the Netherlands at 5 percent and Belgium and the United States at 4 percent."

Still, they promise to be up with a more robust server next month. In the meanwhile, learn more about it on the development site (entirely in English!) :

and in this article from the NYT: "France dominates Europea's Digital Library"

French history bibliography

I've recently finished the next installment of the "Recent books and dissertations in French history" that I compile for the journal French Historical Studies. It is huge - I even added a separate section for all of the works published on the 40th anniversary of the events of mai '68.

I can't post the entire bibliography here, since it is destined for the journal, but if you'd like a sneak peek at a specific section, please send me an email

The categories are:

General and miscellaneous (local histories, theory, works on historians, thematic works and other titles that don't fit into temporal limits)

Ancient and Medieval


French Revolution and Napoleon


Third Republic

1940 to the present

May 1968

Colonialism and DOM-TOM

Friday, November 14, 2008

Recently acquired

Here's a selected list of new books that have recently arrived in the library. As usual, divided by country/language, this time Italian before French...


Alessandrelli, Susanna. Ironie vs humour : essai de définition typologique. Perugia : Morlacchi, 2006.

Alimento, Antonella. Finanze e amministrazione : un'inchiesta francese sui catasti nell'Italia del Settecento, 1763-1764. Firenze : L. S. Olschki, [2008].

Buccio, di Ranallo, d. 1363. Cronica. Firenze : SISMEL edizioni del Galluzzo per la Fondazione Ezio Franceschini, 2008.

Castaldini, Alberto. La segregazione apparente : gli Ebrei a Verona nell'età del ghetto, secoli XVI-XVIII. Firenze : L.S. Olschki, 2008.

Convegno internazionale "Africa orientale italiana, settant'anni dopo" (2006 : Cagliari, Italy) L'Africa orientale italiana nel dibattito storico contemporaneo. Roma : Carocci, 2007.

Differences, deceits and desires : murder and mayhem in Italian crime fiction. Newark : University of Delaware Press, 2008.

Finlay, Robert. Venice besieged: politics and diplomacy in the Italian wars, 1494-1534. Aldershot, Hampshire, Great Britain ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate/Variorum, c2008.

I poeti della scuola siciliana. Milano : A. Mondadori, 2008-

Il concetto di libertà nel Rinascimento : atti del XVIII convegno internazionale, Chianciano-Pienza 17-20 luglio 2006. Firenze : F. Cesati, c2008.

La Rovere, Luca. L'eredità del fascismo : gli intellettualli, i giovani e la transizione al postfascismo, 1943-1948. Torino : Bollati Boringhieri, 2008.

Miglio, Luisa. Governare l'alfabeto : donne, scrittura e libri nel Medioevo. Roma : Viella, 2008.

Opere e linguaggio segreto di Dante e dei fedeli d'amore, straordinari rischiaratori dell'universo. Latina : Il levante, 2007.

Rebora, Clemente, 1885-1957. Frammenti lirici. Novara : Interlinea, c2008.

Taviani, Carlo. Superba discordia : guerra, rivolta e pacificazione nella Genova di primo Cinquecento. Roma : Viella, 2008.


Addyman, Ishbel. Cyrano : adventures in space and time with the legendary French hero. London ; New York : Simon & Schuster, 2008.

Badinter, Robert. Abolition: One Man's Battle against the Death Penalty. Boston: Northeastern University Press, 2008.

Bourdieu, Pierre, 1930-2002. The bachelors' ball : the crisis of peasant society in Béarn. Cambridge, UK ; Malden, MA : Polity, c2008.

Breton, André, 1896-1966. Martinique : snake charmer. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2008.

Federman, Raymond. The Sam book. Ullapool, Ross-shire [Scotland] : Two Ravens Press, c2008.

Frankland : the Franks and the world of the early Middle Ages : essays in honour of Dame Jinty Nelson. Manchester [England] : Manchester University Press, 2008.

French women poets of nine centuries : the distaff & the pen. Baltimore, Md. : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008.

Fuchs, Rachel Ginnis. Contested paternity : constructing families in modern France. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008.

Gildea, Robert. Children of the Revolution : the French, 1799-1914. London ; New York : Allen Lane, 2008.

History and politics in French-language comics and graphic novels. Mark McKinney, ed. Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, c2008.

Panerai, Philippe. Paris métropole: Formes et échelles du grand-Paris. Paris: Villette, 2008.

Sebbar, Leïla, and Mildred P. Mortimer. The Seine Was Red: Paris, October 1961. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2008.

Sonenscher, Michael. Sans-culottes : an eighteenth-century emblem in the French Revolution. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2008.

Stewart, Mary Lynn. Dressing modern Frenchwomen : marketing haute couture, 1919-1939. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008.

Young, Paul J. Seducing the eighteenth-century French reader : reading, writing, and the question of pleasure. Aldershot, Hampshire, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2008.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BnF to add records to WorldCat

The BnF and OCLC have recently announced that they will be loading about 13.2 million catalog records from the BnF into OCLC's WorldCat database. This will make it much easier to discover whether the BnF owns a title that you are looking for, and will be especially useful for identifying rare and unique items in its collections.

This news represents the sustained effort that OCLC is making to internationalize its database. Catalog records for non-English-language materials now make up more than 50% of WorldCat's records.

For more information, please see the press release.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Antiquarian Acquisitions - October 2008


Catalogo di libri per una prima coltura nelle scienze sociali ed economiche. {S.l.} : {S.n.}, 1899. (to be sold at the Giornale degli economisti, Rome)

Danieli, Gaetano, 1747-1829. Sull'umana certezza : riflessioni filosofiche. Vicenze : Stamperia Turra, 1785.

Il sentimento della riconoscenza : opera di un pensatore filantropo. Firenze : Nella stamperia già Albizziniana, 1788.

Pandette dei notai antich [microform]. Genoa : Foto Ducale [producer], 1951.
108 microfilm reels
Manuscript collection of Genoese notarial records dating from before 1300 A.D. contained in the Archivio di State in Genoa.

Ridolfi, Luca Antonio. Aretefila, dialogo, nel quale da una parte sono quelle ragioni allegate, lequali affermano, lo amore di corporal bellezza potere ancora per la via dell'udire pervenire al quore: et dall'altra, quelle che vogliono lui havere solamente per gl'occhij l'entrata sua: colla sentenza sopra cotal quistione. Lione, G. Rovillio, 1562.

Trioli, Gioacchino, 1735-1799. L'educazione delle fanciulle, opera istruttiva d'un filosofo italiano ... In Venezia, Presso Giambatista Novelli. Con permesso de'superiori. MDCCLXVI.


Descubes, Bernard. Mon carnet d'éclaireur, août-novembre, 1914. Paris : Perrin, 1916, c1915.

Emery, Rose. Une année à Paris. Impressions d'une jeune fille. Paris, Chez l'Auteur, 1886. 139 pp.

Lemercier, A. Les marins célèbres de la France. Tours : Alfred Mame et Fils, 1882 (nouvelle edition), 191 p.

Lescale, Adam Scaliger, called chevalier de, 17th cent. Alphabet de l'eccellence et perfection des femmes. Contre l'infame alphabet de leur imperfection & malice, A Paris, Chez Nicolas de la Vigne, en la cour du Palais, proche les degrez de la saincte chappelle. M.DC.XXXI.

Margueritte, Victor. La patrie humaine. Faites l’Europe, sinon vous ferez la guerre. Paris. Ernest Flammarion, Éditeur, 1931, 287 p.

Pierre, Jules. L’Action Française en 1923 : sa méthode - Par tous les moyens ! ; son patriotisme ; sa morale et sa religion. Par Abbé Jules Pierre. Paris-Rennes. Bureaux de l’Ouest-Éclair, 1923, 296 p.

Savigny, Mme. Anne Victorine, 1865-1917 (pseud. Madame Thèbes). L'énigme de la main. Paris, F. Juven [1900].

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

J-STOR - new journals

I know that many of you use the full-text journal database JSTOR extensively. JSTOR is constantly adding new journals to their lineup, and a new batch has just been announced. I've selected the titles of most interest to scholars in history and literary studies, listed below.

For more about JSTOR's archive, including statistics, titles, and a list of missing journal issues, see their Archive page. The "Moving Wall" for all of the titles below is 5 years, except for the History Workshop Journal, which is 7 years, and the Getty Museum Journal, which has no moving wall.

History Workshop Journal [1995- ] and History Workshop [1976-1994] (Oxford University Press)
Nos. 1 - 50 (Spring, 1976 – Autumn, 2000)

The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal (The J. Paul Getty Trust)
Vols. 1 - 24 (1974 - 1996) (Publication of this title ceased in 1996.)

Jewish Social Studies (Indiana University Press)
Vol. 1, No. 1 (January, 1939) – Vol. 50, No. 3/4 (Summer/Autumn, 1988/1993)
New Series, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Autumn, 1994) – New Series, Vol. 9, No. 1 (Autumn, 2002)

Journal of Linguistics (Cambridge University Press)
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April, 1965) – Vol. 38, No. 3 (November, 2002)

Language in Society (Cambridge University Press)
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April, 1972) – Vol. 31, No. 5 (November, 2002)

Linguistic Inquiry (MIT Press)
Vol. 1, No. 1 (January, 1970) – Vol. 33, No. 4 (Autumn, 2002)

Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome [1915- ]
Previous Title: Supplementary Papers of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome [1905-1908] (University of Michigan Press for the American Academy in Rome)
Vols. 1 - 2 (1905 - 1908)
Vols. 1 - 47 (1915/1916 – 2002)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New "très grande bibliothèque" in the works

The ground has been broken on a new TGB in Paris, the BULAC, or Bibliothèque universitaire des langues et civilizations. The new institution, projected to open in 2011, will house the Langues’O and its library as well as the collections of 23 other libraries focusing on the languages and civilizations of Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe which are currently scattered around the Paris region.

For more information, look here:

The catalog for the future library is already in progress, see

It will house over 1,600,000 titles, including 25,000 periodicals.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The French author J. M. G. Le Clezio is the 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature, and Professor Marc Bertrand suggested that I check to see whether we have all of his works that are available in English translation. Here's the list, taken from his Nobel Prize website:

The Interrogation / translated from the French by Daphne Woodward. – New York : Atheneum, 1964. – Translation of Le procès-verbal

Fever / translated from the French by Daphne Woodward. – New York : Atheneum, 1966. – Translation of La fièvre

The Flood / translated from the French by Peter Green. – London : H. Hamilton, 1967. – Translation of Le déluge

Terra Amata / translated from the French by Barbara Bray. – London : Hamilton, 1969 ; New York : Atheneum, 1969. – Translation of Terra amata

The Book of Flights : an Adventure Story / translated from the French by Simon Watson Taylor. – London : Cape, 1971 ; New York : Atheneum, 1972. – Translation of Le livre des fuites

War / translated from the French by Simon Watson Taylor. – London : Cape, 1973 ; New York : Atheneum, 1973. – Translation of La guerre

The Giants / translated from the French by Simon Watson Taylor. – London : Cape, 1975 ; New York : Atheneum, 1975. – Translation of Les géants

The Mexican Dream, or, The Interrupted Thought of Amerindian Civilizations / translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan. – Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1993. – Translation of Le rêve mexicain ou la pensée interrompue

The Prospector / translated from the French by Carol Marks. – Boston : David R. Godine, 1993. – Translation of Le chercheur d'or

Onitsha / translated by Alison Anderson. – Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 1997. – Translation of Onitsha

The Round & Other Cold Hard Facts = La ronde et autres faits divers / translated by C. Dickson. – Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 2002. – Translation of La ronde et autres faits divers

Wandering Star : a Novel / translated by C. Dickson. – Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, 2004. – Translation of Étoile errante

I'm pleased to report that we have all of them except for Book of Flights, but I'm working on getting a copy of this one.

This brings up the issue of the general scarcity of translations of foreign language literature into English. Over the weekend there was an interesting article in the New York Times on just this subject. Entitled "Translation is foreign to American Publishers," it reports from the Frankfurt Book Fair, where the tepid American interest in Le Clezio's works was also discussed. It looks like his newest book, Ritournelle de la faim (Gallimard, 2008) won't be published in the US any time soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's new in October?

Here's a short selection of titles that have recently arrived in the library - divided by language/country, but subject-wise all mixed up!

New French titles

Aranzueque-Arrieta, Frédéric. Panique : Arrabal, Jodorowsky, Topor. Paris : Harmattan, 2008.

Auduc, Arlette. Quand les monuments construisaient la nation: Le service des monuments historiques de 1830 à 1940. Travaux et documents, 25. Paris: Documentation française, 2008.

Bardakci, Özkan, and François Pugnière. La dernière croisade: Les français et la guerre de Candie, 1669. Histoire. Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2008.

Bataille, Georges and Michel Leiris. Correspondence. Calcutta ; New York : Seagull Books, 2008.

Baudouin, Thierry, François Laisney, and Annie Térade. Paris, alchimies d'une métropole. Paris: Recherches, 2008.

Fardin, Liliane. 12 poètes antillais contemporains. Le monde atlantique. Bécherel: Perséides, 2008.

Lemaître, Jean Loup, and Françoise Vielliard. Portraits de troubadours: initiales du chansonnier provençal A : (Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. lat. 5232). Città del Vaticano: Biblioteca apostolica Vaticana, 2008.

Murat, Michel. Le vers libre. Litterature de notre siecle, 36. Paris: Champion, 2008.

Renard, Jules, Louise Bogan, and Elizabeth Roget. The Journal of Jules Renard. Portland, Or: Tin House Books, 2008.

Rio, Joseph. Mémoire, oralité, culture dans les pays celtiques: la légende arthurienne, le celtisme : actes de l'université européenne d'été 2002, Université de Bretagne-Sud (Lorient). Essais. Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2008.

New Italian titles

Blum, Cinzia Sartini. Rewriting the Journey in Contemporary Italian Literature: Figures of Subjectivity in Progress. Toronto Italian studies. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008.

Convegno internazionale di studi, Luca Somigli, and Gino Tellini. L'arte del saltimbanco: Aldo Palazzeschi tra due avanguardie : atti del Convegno internazionale di Studi, Toronto, 29-30 settembre 2006. Biblioteca Palazzeschi, 06. Firenze: Società Editrice Fiorentina, 2008.

Costa Bona, Enrica. L'Italia e la sicurezza collettiva : dalla Società delle nazioni alle Nazioni unite. Perugia : Morlacchi, c2007.

De Luca, Erri. L'ospite incallito. Torino : G. Einaudi, c2008.

Di Maggio, Elena. Le donne dell'Ospedale del Salvatore di Roma: sistema assistenziale e beneficenza femminile nei secoli XV e XVI. Ospedali medievali tra carità e servizio / Dipartimento di storia dell'Università di Siena, 4. Ospedaletto (Pisa): Pacini, 2008.

Goldoni, Carlo. Intermezzi e farsette per musica. Venezia : Marsilio, 2008.

Guidi, Laura. Vivere la guerra: percorsi biografici e ruoli di genere tra Risorgimento e primo conflitto mondiale. Saggi / Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II, ClioPress, Dipartimento di discipline storiche E. Lepore, 5. Napoli: ClioPress, 2007.

Negri, Antonio. Dalla fabbrica alla metropoli: saggi politici. Alcazar. Roma: Datanews, 2008.

Rinaldi, Rinaldo. Aprire il libro : esercizi di lettura comparata. Genova [etc.] : Marietti, 2008.

Thompson, Mark. The white war : the forgotten war in Italy. London : Faber, 2008.

Monday, October 13, 2008

French Studies news from Britain

The Annual Review of the British French Studies Library Group issue 4 (2007-08) has just been released, and it contains a great deal of information on projects and resources of interest to scholars in French studies.
This is an e-only publication - you can access the PDF here:

Table of contents:
  • Intute: a Developing Resource for French Studies Research by Heather Dawson and Angela Joyce ‘
  • Reassessing Narratives of War and Occupation’ – A Brief Introduction to the Work of the FRAME Project by Nina Sutherland
  • Digitising French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Drama: Warwick’s Marandet Collection of French Plays by Peter Larkin
  • Collaborative Initiative for French and North American Libraries / Initiative de collaboration entre les bibliothèques françaises et nord-américaines (CIFNAL/ICBFN) by Dominique Coulombe
  • Montaigne at Cambridge by David Lowe
  • Significant Developments in French Library-based Resources by Teresa Vernon
  • French Antiquarian Acquisitions at the British Library by Des McTernan
  • New Resources at the British Library by Teresa Vernon
  • Recent Activity in British Library Manuscript Collections
  • French drama in the Lord Chamberlain‟s Plays Collection by Caroline Radcliffe
  • Lawrence Durrell Conference by Rachel Foss
  • Pinter in Paris by Jamie Andrews
Particular mention goes to the initial articles, as well as Significant Developments in French Library-based Resources by Teresa Vernon, the head of the French Collections at the BL, which gives a detailed overview of developments in French digital libraries.

I'm involved in CIFNAL, and Stanford is a member, so please check out our still-evolving program.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Electronic Enlightenment subscription

I'm pleased to announce that the Libraries have subscribed to the Electronic Enlightenment online resource. Thanks to all of you who sent in your support.

Offered by Oxford University Press, the Electronic Enlightenment is a full text database of correspondence between Enlightenment thinkers in Britain and on the Continent. The more than 53,000 letters are all indexed and include critical notes. EE includes the complete correspondence of Voltaire, Rousseau, Pierre Bayle, and Descartes. Many of the British thinkers also carried on extensive letter-writing with their colleagues in Europe. All letters are fully searchable, and appear in their original language.

Please access at: 

It should currently be available to off-campus users whose computers are configured correctly.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Antiquarian Titles

Here are some new acquisitions of antiquarian and rare books - perhaps you'll find something of interest?

Antiquarian Titles, October 2008

Gozzi, Carlo, 1720-1806.Fogli sopra alcune massime 
del genio e costumi del secolo dell'abate Pietro Chiari
e contro a' poeti Nugnez de' nostri tempi
Venezia, Colombani, 1761.
Rastrelli, Modesto. Memorie per servire alla vita 
di Leopoldo II, imperatore de' Romani, gia gran-duca
di Toscana.
Italia [Florence : s.n.], 1792.
Ah! Nana. Paris : Humanoides Associes. 
Graphic feminist magazine from the 1970s.
Caron, Pierre Siméon, 1763-1806. Le cocu consolateur,
car on en a besoin; facétie ancienne
. [Suivie de
La dame fidèle et La femme scrupuleuse
Cocupole, Chez Jean Coucou, à la Corne du Cerf,
Rue du Croissant, 1789]

Chemin Dupontès, Paul, 1876-. Les Petites Antilles;
étude sur leur évolution économique, préface de
m. Marcel Dubois. Paris, E. Guilmoto 1906.
France. Ministère des finances. Administration des finances 
de la République Française en l'an 8 et en l'an 9.
Paris :
Imprimerie de la République, Germinal, an X, [1802]
Mirabeau, Honoré-Gabriel de Riquetti, comte de, 1749-1791. 
Esprit de Mirabeau, ou, Manuel de l'homme d'état, des
publicistes, des fonctionnaires et des orateurs; divisé
par ordre de matières, et embrassant les différentes
branches de l'économie politique
; Paris, Fr. Buisson, 1797.
Pelletier, H.-F. La régéneration de la France, ou Essais
sur la réformation que les Etats-Généraux ont à faire
dans leur constitution...
/ par M. Pelletier. s.l. : s.n., 1789.
Some pamphlets from the French Revolution :
  • Dartigoyte. Opinion sur cette question : Louis XVI peut-il etre juge, 1792, 4p.
  • Sevestre. Sur le Jugement de Louis Capet, 1792, 4p.
  • Rudel. Sur le Jugement de Louis Capet, 1792, 6p.
  • Deleyre. Sur la question du Jugement de Louis Capet, 1792, 12p.
  • Recueil d'opinions Sur le Jugement de Louis Capet, 1793, 235p.
  • Merlin. Extrait de la loi relative a l'organisation de la garde nationale parisienne, 1795, 2p. This copy is signed by Merlin, then the Minister of Justice.
  • [Rivarol, Comte de]. Essai sur les causes de la Revolution Française,suivi de deux lettres a Milord ***, et d'une pièce de vers inédite (Paris, Chez Les Marchands de Nouveautés, 1827), 47p.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cambridge Histories Online - update!

Based on enthusiastic feedback, the Libraries has decided to subscribe to Cambridge Histories Online. They've turned on our subscription, but I'm not sure if off-campus proxy access is available yet. If it isn't, check back in a few days.

Available soon from the Databases page and Socrates, but available now from:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hot off the presses! La rentrée académique

Around the middle of each month, I'll be posting a short selected list of new books that have arrived in the library. Most are so new that they aren't quite on the shelves yet, but you can request them from the catalog record. I have included call numbers where possible.

French topics:

Fogarty, Richard Standish. Race and War in France: Colonial Subjects in the French Army, 1914-1918. War, society, culture. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008.
D548.9 .T76 F64 2008

Herman, Jan, Kris Peeters, and Paul Pelckmans. Mme Riccoboni, romancière, epistolière, traductrice: actes du colloque international Leuven-Anvers, 18-20 mai 2006. Louvain: Éditions Peeters, 2007. PQ2027 .R3 Z76 2006

Hugo, Victor, and James Madden. Les Misérables. Translated by Julie Rose, introduction by Adam Gopnick. New York: Modern Library, 2008. PQ2286 .A36 2008

Malela, Buata B. Les écrivains afro-antillais à Paris (1920-1960): stratégies et postures identitaires. Paris: Karthala, 2008.

Sobanet, Andrew. Jail Sentences: Representing Prison in Twentieth-Century French Fiction. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2008. PQ673 .S6 2008

Tocqueville, Alexis de. The ancien régime and the French Revolution. New translation by Gerald Bevan. Introduction by Hugh Brogan. London: Penguin, 2008. DC138 .T6313 2008


Barnes, John C., and Jennifer Petrie. Dante and His Literary Precursors: Twelve Essays. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2007. PQ4393 .D36 2007

Bertazzoli, Raffaella. La natura nello sguardo: miti, stagioni, paesaggi. Mneme, 12. Verona: Fiorini, 2007. PR555 .N3 B47 2007

Convegno annuale della MOD, Anna Dolfi, Nicola Turi, and Rodolfo Sacchettini. Memorie, autobiografie e diari nella letteratura italiana dell'Ottocento e del Novecento. La modernità letteraria, 3. Pisa: ETS, 2008. PQ4086 .C595 2007

Cox, Virginia. Women's Writing in Italy, 1400-1650. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008. PQ4063 .C69 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cambridge Histories Online - trial

Stanford University Libraries is currently trying out Cambridge Histories Online.
Stanford's access is via-IP address, so you must be using a computer on the campus network for it to work.
Please check it out and send comments back to me.

Of interest to this group are probably the following multi-volume titles from this series:

  • The Cambridge Modern History
  • The Cambridge Economic History of Europe
  • The New Cambridge Medieval History
  • The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism
  • The Cambridge History of Political Thought
  • The Cambridge History of Italian Literature
  • The Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Philosophy;... of Later Greek and early Medieval Philosophy; ... of Renaissance Philosophy, ... of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy
and many others - from the trial site you can browse by subject

Here's the info from the vendor:

"The Cambridge Histories have become an established and essential component
of the academic research library, and now, for the first time, over 250 of
these well-known, used and trusted volumes published since the 1960's are
available online, adding immense value to the texts and enhancing any
aspect of historical research. Cambridge Histories Online (CHO) will be an
indispensable research tool for undergraduates and academics alike. It
offers impressive functionality, enabling quick and easy access to content
and the tools to make the content usable in a time effective way, including
extensive bibliographic reference linking, personal archives, citation
export, remote access and user control display features. CHO covers 14
subject areas, including General History, Regional History, Literary
Studies, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. And an average of 5 new titles
will be added each year!

Your trial is IP authenticated so please, if you haven't done so already,
log on to "

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Edith Gombos Sorel visits Green Library

Mark your calendars! October 1st, 2008 from 4pm-6pm in the Bender Room

The French journalist Edith Sorel will visit the Bender Room in Stanford's Green Library on October 1, 2008. She will talk about her life and work with members of the Stanford community and the public.

Sorel is an independent journalist who has interviewed many of the major cultural figures of the twentieth century, including Simone de Beauvoir, Ingmar Bergman, Graham Greene, Fidel Castro, Marc Chagall. She lived in Cuba in the early 1960s and was a journalist for the Cuban newspaper Revolucìon, for which she covered the Eichmann trial. While in Cuba, she also served as a translator and interpreter for Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

Some of Sorel's papers are in the Stanford Libraries Special Collections – including correspondence from Simone de Beauvoir, Henry Miller, and Graham Greene, as well as taped interviews with Sartre, Ingmar Bergman, Lawrence Durrell, Graham Greene, James Baldwin, Amos Oz, Woody Allen, Henry Miller, and Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Electronic Enlightenment

We currently have access to Oxford University Press' new database, the Electronic Enlightenment. EE is a full-text searchable database of correspondence by major 18th century thinkers. The letters (53,000 of them!) are taken from critical editions, and while many of the subjects are British, the database includes the complete correspondence of Voltaire and Rousseau, Pierre Bayle, and Descartes, as well as letters exchanged by Hume, Defoe, Adam Smith, Locke, and Hobbes with their contacts on the Continent. All letters are in their original language.

To access this resource, visit the URL:

Click on "Subscribers enter here" at the top right side of the webpage.

The search engine offers sophisticated searching within the texts , as well as browsing by name and by decade. Biographical information about authors or people mentioned is included, as are scholarly notes. Especially if you work on the 18th century, please check out the Electronic Enlightenment.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's new?

About a year ago we stopped publishing complete lists of recently acquired books on the French and Italian website. Now, books in the P call number range (literature) show up on the DLCL Library RSS feed. French and Italian (and Spanish and Portuguese) literatures are in the PQ range.

At the beginning of every month, I'll be posting a selection of newly acquired antiquarian and rare titles here on Au courant.

Here are some books that have arrived over the summer:

Annales de la propagation de la foi: recueil périodique des lettres des évêques et des missionaires des missions des deux mondes, et de tous les documents relatifs aux missions et à l'oeuvre de la propagation de la foi: collection faisant suite aux Lettres édifiantes. A Lyon: chez l'editeur des annales, 1822-1931.
Library owns 1822-1851.

Dépôt de la guerre (France). Aperçu historique, statistique et topographique sur l'état d'Alger à l'usage de l'armée expéditionnaire d'Afrique.. 2 édition. Paris: C. Piquet, 1830. 244 p. and atlas of 11 pl. , 3 fold. maps, 3 fold. plans.

Lebourgeois, H. Zola; 32 caricatures de Lebourgeois... Paris: E Bernard, 1898.
Anti-dreyfusard caricatures of Zola's works.

Mailly, chevalier de. Histoire de la république de Genes... suivant la copie de Paris. En Hollande, aux depends de la Compagnie, 1697.

Manuscript. Madame Dubois. Account journals of two lady vintners from Angers, Madame and Mademoiselle Dubois. 1747-1763. 88 leaves.

Morelly, M. Le prince, les délices des coeurs, ou Traité des qualités d'un grand roi, & sistéme général d'un sage gouvernement. Par Mr. M#... Amsterdam, Aux dépends de la Compagnie, 1751.

Varj componimenti per le nozze degli eccellentissimi signori D. Andrea Coppola, duca di Canzano, principe di Montefalcone, marchese di Robledo, &c., e D. Laura Caracciolo, de' marchesi dell'Amoroso. Firenze, 1725.
According to the dealer's catalog, this work of poems is notable for including 3 sonnets by Giambattista Vico.
We have also acquired a collection of Italian fumetti, for teaching and research purposes, including titles in the following series:
  • Corto Maltese
  • Valentina
  • Tex Willer
  • Dylan Dog
  • Nathan Never
  • Gregory Hunter
  • Dampyr
  • Zagor
  • Diabolik

Friday, August 29, 2008

French 19th-20th century primary sources

I recently received the following reference question, and thought that the question and answer would be of interest to many of you:

"... I was hoping you might be able to point me to some on-line databases containing 19th and 20th century French nonfiction texts--histories, political account, travel diaries, etc.--the kind of
stuff that would be available in the eighteenth-century collections database but for a later period? I'm also wondering if there are any on-line collections of French newspapers?"

That's a good question -

Actually, the BnF is in the process of digitizing and making available French 19th century newspapers in Gallica, its digital library. If you go to the main (old) Gallica site**:,

click on : Consultez la Presse quotidienne dans Gallica

and then you can see the journal titles available now (linked) and in the future (unlinked). Currently you can consult fascicules from the 19th and early 20th centuries of:

* Le Figaro et son supplément littéraire
* Le Temps
* La Croix
* L'Humanité
* La Presse
* Le Journal des débats
* Ouest-Eclair (éditions de Rennes, Caen et Nantes)

There are plans to digitize the following additional newspapers:

# Le Gaulois
# Le Petit Parisien et son supplément hebdomadaire
# La Lanterne et son supplément hebdomadaire
# L'Intransigeant
# La Justice
# Le Matin
# L'Aurore
# L'Action française
# Le Constitutionnel
# L'Univers
# Le Siècle
# Le Petit Journal et son supplément hebdomadaire
# Le Rappel
# Gil Blas et son supplément hebdomadaire
# L'Echo de Paris

Another place for 19th century non-fiction is the database "Making of the Modern World" which contains the titles in the Goldsmiths'-Kress microfilm collection, plus additional works. You can find this from the Databases page. This in not specifically French, but contains many French language works.

Finally, the ARTFL database main collection, FRANTEXT, contains non-fiction works in addition to literature. From the ARTFL website, you can also access digital versions of the Center for Research Libraries' pamphlets and newspapers from the Revolution of 1848.

Does anyone have any additional ideas to add?

** the BnF is currently adding material to Gallica2, which uses OCR to make its contents text-searchable. A test site is at

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Renaissance databases

I'm pleased to announce that we've added two new full-text databases to our lineup from Champion electronique. These are :

Colloques, congrès et conférences sur la Renaissance européenne / Société Internationale de Recherches Interdisciplinaires sur la Renaissance européenne.

Textes de la Renaissance / edited by Claude Blum

The link to both is

Click on "Access to databases" then on "Éditions Champion en ligne"

These databases are actually full text searchable versions of Éditions Champion's legacy collections of the series of the same names. The interface is the same as for their other databases that we already have: Dictionnaires des 16e et 17e siècles and Corpus de la littérature narrative du Moyen Âge au 20e siècle.

You can access them from their Socrates records (search for Champion électronique), or from the Databases page on the SULAIR website (French and Italian, History, Languages sections). They are restricted to Stanford users, so if you aren't on campus be sure that you are logged on via a Stanford IP proxy address.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Italian websites

I've come across two websites for Italian literature scholars in recent weeks. Here they are:

World of Dante - from the Institute for Advanced Technologies in the Humanities (IATH). From their press release:
"The new site includes includes the Italian text and Allen Mandelbaum’s translation of the Divine Comedy marked up in XML; an interactive timeline; a gallery of more than 600 images; an array of maps of Dante’s Italy and all three realms of the afterlife; musical recordings of the liturgical chants and hymns mentioned in Purgatory and Paradise; a searchable database; and
teaching resources and activities. The new site offers a dynamic analytical tool that we hope will accommodate a wide range of approaches to teaching Dante."

Biblioteca italiana
- From the Univ. di Roma La Sapienza. This website offers access to digital versions (both XML and HTML) of more than 1700 works of Italian literature, as well as to digital facsimiles of the works published in Laterza's series "Scrittori d'Italia".

Within the "Biblioteca" rubric, you can either access the full text of the works, or do textual research by searching for specific words or phrases (limiting by author, title, period, genre, or within the entire corpus). Select the HTML version for a format for reading.

Within the "Collezioni speciali" section, click on "Scrittori d'Italia" to gain access to the facsimiles of these editions. In this section, you cannot search for individual words, but you can go directly to specific chapters or pages.

News and resources for French and Italian studies at Stanford

Hello everyone,

I'm starting this blog to inform users of Stanford's French and Italian collections about new acquisitions and resources available to all. Almost every day I receive notice of a new journal, a new electronic resource or an interesting website, or a particularly interesting book arrives in the library. I'll try to pass on these announcements to you via this forum, so check back regularly. It may be useful to bookmark this page or add it to your RSS reader.

Please let me know that you are reading this, either by leaving a comment, or dropping me an email.
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Sarah Sussman, curator of French and Italian Collections