Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leo S. Olschki e-books collection

The records for the Leo S. Olschki E-books Collection have been loaded to Searchworks. This collection includes all monographs and conference proceedings published by this prestigious publisher since 2000. You can search "Leo S. Olschki E-books Collection" in SearchWorks to browse the collection. Individual records, with links to the e-books, will appear when you search the catalog. Here's some more information about this great new resource for scholars!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

French government publications - some handy guides

Figuring out the various departments, ministries, and divisions of the French government is not easy - and figuring out their publications and where to find them can confuse even the most experienced researchers. Help is on the way with a guide from the BnF:

Publications officielles
Handy tabs bring together key websites and organizational structures for:

  • le Journal officiel 
  • Government publications
  • Jurisdictions
  • Statistics
  • Public Agencies (such as the Banque de France, the CNIL, etc.)

For a guide to more historical primary sources, the British Library has a very useful Guide to French government documents, downloadable as a PDF.
It focuses on the holdings of the main UK Libraries, but is extremely information for title/series information.
Stanford's French official document holdings
Stanford's collection of French 18th Century Judicial and Administrative Sources

And many more pamphlets, circulars, ordinances, etc. can be found in Searchworks.
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Sarah Sussman, curator of French and Italian Collections