Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hot off the presses! La rentrée académique

Around the middle of each month, I'll be posting a short selected list of new books that have arrived in the library. Most are so new that they aren't quite on the shelves yet, but you can request them from the catalog record. I have included call numbers where possible.

French topics:

Fogarty, Richard Standish. Race and War in France: Colonial Subjects in the French Army, 1914-1918. War, society, culture. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008.
D548.9 .T76 F64 2008

Herman, Jan, Kris Peeters, and Paul Pelckmans. Mme Riccoboni, romancière, epistolière, traductrice: actes du colloque international Leuven-Anvers, 18-20 mai 2006. Louvain: Éditions Peeters, 2007. PQ2027 .R3 Z76 2006

Hugo, Victor, and James Madden. Les Misérables. Translated by Julie Rose, introduction by Adam Gopnick. New York: Modern Library, 2008. PQ2286 .A36 2008

Malela, Buata B. Les écrivains afro-antillais à Paris (1920-1960): stratégies et postures identitaires. Paris: Karthala, 2008.

Sobanet, Andrew. Jail Sentences: Representing Prison in Twentieth-Century French Fiction. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2008. PQ673 .S6 2008

Tocqueville, Alexis de. The ancien régime and the French Revolution. New translation by Gerald Bevan. Introduction by Hugh Brogan. London: Penguin, 2008. DC138 .T6313 2008


Barnes, John C., and Jennifer Petrie. Dante and His Literary Precursors: Twelve Essays. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2007. PQ4393 .D36 2007

Bertazzoli, Raffaella. La natura nello sguardo: miti, stagioni, paesaggi. Mneme, 12. Verona: Fiorini, 2007. PR555 .N3 B47 2007

Convegno annuale della MOD, Anna Dolfi, Nicola Turi, and Rodolfo Sacchettini. Memorie, autobiografie e diari nella letteratura italiana dell'Ottocento e del Novecento. La modernità letteraria, 3. Pisa: ETS, 2008. PQ4086 .C595 2007

Cox, Virginia. Women's Writing in Italy, 1400-1650. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008. PQ4063 .C69 2008

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