Monday, October 13, 2008

French Studies news from Britain

The Annual Review of the British French Studies Library Group issue 4 (2007-08) has just been released, and it contains a great deal of information on projects and resources of interest to scholars in French studies.
This is an e-only publication - you can access the PDF here:

Table of contents:
  • Intute: a Developing Resource for French Studies Research by Heather Dawson and Angela Joyce ‘
  • Reassessing Narratives of War and Occupation’ – A Brief Introduction to the Work of the FRAME Project by Nina Sutherland
  • Digitising French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Drama: Warwick’s Marandet Collection of French Plays by Peter Larkin
  • Collaborative Initiative for French and North American Libraries / Initiative de collaboration entre les bibliothèques françaises et nord-américaines (CIFNAL/ICBFN) by Dominique Coulombe
  • Montaigne at Cambridge by David Lowe
  • Significant Developments in French Library-based Resources by Teresa Vernon
  • French Antiquarian Acquisitions at the British Library by Des McTernan
  • New Resources at the British Library by Teresa Vernon
  • Recent Activity in British Library Manuscript Collections
  • French drama in the Lord Chamberlain‟s Plays Collection by Caroline Radcliffe
  • Lawrence Durrell Conference by Rachel Foss
  • Pinter in Paris by Jamie Andrews
Particular mention goes to the initial articles, as well as Significant Developments in French Library-based Resources by Teresa Vernon, the head of the French Collections at the BL, which gives a detailed overview of developments in French digital libraries.

I'm involved in CIFNAL, and Stanford is a member, so please check out our still-evolving program.

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