Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Albert Camus at 100

The lobby in Green Library is one of the stops of a new, multimedia exhibit on Albert Camus, the most translated French author, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of his birth. The seven-poster display offers visitors an intimate peek into his life and work through a series of QR codes linked to copyrighted material.

The exhibit, rotating on display through Silicon Valley at universities including Stanford, UCSC, and the University of Santa Clara, as well as multiple corporate campuses, provides over an hour's worth of curated content, including never before released photos from Camus' publisher, Gallimard.

Camus, the writer of posthumously published "The First Man" and widely read "The Stranger", opposed nihilism and existentialism in favor of a persistent individual ethic. The exhibit, produced by the Institut Français, is designed to engage viewers speaking French, English, Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic and will be displayed in 40 countries. The Alliance Française Silicon Valley, one of the first groups world-wide handling its distribution, worked with Stanford's French Students Association and Stanford librarians Sarah Sussman (French) and John Rawlings (Philosophy) to make its display at SUL possible.

In conjunction with the exhibit, a selection of books by Camus and relating to his life - on the Algerian War and its cultural impact, on French intellectual life, as well as fiction by French and francophone authors in English translation, are ready for you to peruse and check out. And check out the catalog for more books on and about Camus -

Words Without Borders December 2013 issue - Oulipo

Words Without Borders is a wonderful monthly literary e-magazine, specializing in translation of short pieces of foreign writing into English, with a small print publishing program, too. This month's issue focuses on current pieces by the members of Oulipo, including Olivier Salon, Michèle Métail, Anne F. Garréta, and others. In addition to the Oulipo works, the issue contains news writing from Sudan. Given Stanford's new Translation Studies program, this is a great resource to know about. You can subscribe to get email updates each month.

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