Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Journal of Romance Studies

The Journal of Romance Studies just published its latest issue, Vol. 10, Issue 3. The theme is Psychoanalysis and Italian Studies. Table of contents is below, and we have electronic access from a link in the catalog record. Stanford users should be able to access the titles below directly from the links.

pp. 1-9(9)
Authors: Caldwell, Lesley; Capello, Francesco
Abjection and aesthetic conflict in Boccaccio's (L)Isabetta
pp. 11-25(15)
Author: Civitarese, Giuseppe
Titian's Marsyas as an image of the creative process
pp. 27-37(11)
Author: Carvalho, Richard
Playing with the city of Rome
pp. 39-53(15)
Author: Caldwell, Lesley
Changing styles, affective continuities and psychic containers: Corrado Govoni's early poetry
pp. 55-74(20)
Authors: Capello, Francesco; Civitarese, Giuseppe
His problem or ours?: Notes on Eco and psychoanalysis
pp. 75-88(14)
Author: Smith, Jonathan
Translation and multilingualism in the psychoanalytic dimension
pp. 89-100(12)
Author: Mehler, Jacqueline Amati
Italian Freud: exploring some of the vicissitudes of the translation
pp. 101-112(12)
Author: Clayton, Gillian
Review articles
Borders and identities in Spanish cultural studies
pp. 113-121(9)
Authors: Sánchez, Antonio
The New 'New' Writing: Critical Essays on Contemporary Portuguese Poetry and Brazilian Prose
pp. 123-129(7)
Author: Williams, Claire
Notes on contributors
Notes on contributors
pp. 131-132(2)

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