Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recently acquired rare and antiquarian books

Here are some books that we have added to Special Collections over the past few months:

CAHIER de Chansons appartenant au Soldat Louis Ginet. 18ème Colonial. Souvenir du Tonkin. Poste de Dang Trieu.  Tonkin, 1902.
MANUSCRIT in-4. 175ff. non chiffrés. 
A beautifully hand-illustrated songbook compiled by a French soldier in Tonkin in the early 20th century.

Dinouart, Joseph-Antoine-Toussaint. Le triomphe du sexe. Ouvrage dans lequel on démontre que les femmes sont en tout égales aux hommes. On y examine les avantages de leur commerce, & quel doit étre l'amour réciproque des deux sexes. Amsterdam: I. Racon, 1749. Dedicated to Emilie du Châtelet, a mid-18th feminist discourse arguing that social, cultural, and legal structures have determined women’s inferior status, and citing as examples notable women in the arts and sciences.

Estienne, Robert . Concordantiae Bibliorum utriusque Testamenti, Veteris & Novi, novae & integrae . [Geneva]: Robert Estienne, 26 January 1555 .
Folio (leaf size: 355 x 235 mm), 548 leaves; Estienne's printer's device on title; text printed in four columns in tiny roman type.
"First edition of Robert Estienne's concordance to the Vulgate, both a scholarly and typographical tour de force, and his last original work; the text is printed in minute roman type, 102 - 104 lines to the page divided into four columns across, totaling approximately 450,000 entries." (from dealer's description).

Marat, Jean Paul. Journal de la République Française. (39 issues) (Paris), de l'Imprimerie de Marat, (1793).   This is the continuation of Marat's journal L'Ami du peuple, which was renamed following the declaration of the French Republic in September 1792. Bound with 14 French Revolution pamphlets on Louis XVI.  
 Le Tableau des piperies des femmes mondaines. Cologne: Marteau, 1685. Third edition. A misogynist work originally published in 1633 which proposes that women’s focus on their beauty are at the origin for their ruin. Moreover, men are also brought to downfall by such women who focus on beauty rather than virtue. 

[Colonna, Vittoria]. Per La Inaugurazione Del Busto Di Vittoria Colonna : Solenne Adunanza Tenuta Dagli Arcadi Nella Protomoteca Capitolina Il Di 12 Maggio 1845. Roma: Tip. Salviucci, 1845. First edition.   4to, pp. 112. Odes to Vittoria Colonna recited on the occasion of the unveiling of a bust of this 16th century poet at the Protomoteca Capitolina in Rome during the 19th century. 

Fantocci, Ippolito Delfico [FANTOTIUS, Hippolytus Delphicus] . Hippolyti Fantotii Delphici Perusini, De liberalium artium laudibus Oratio, initio studii Patavii habita XIIII. Cal. Novembris, MDLIII . Padua: Giacomo Fabriano, 1553 .   8 vo, [ 40 ] pages; italic type. Extremely rare sole edition of an academic inaugural address in praise of the Arts and Sciences, delivered at the University of Padua on 19 October 1553 by the Franciscan poet and orator Ippolito Fantocci (Hippolytus Fantotius, fl. 1540 -1560 ), a native of Perugia.


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