Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!

To start off the new year on a good note, I pass on the following link to a document and blog that has an extremely useful listing of historical periodicals that have been digitized by archives and libraries. The focus is on the work done by Italian institutions, but there are also entries for projects around the world.

The list, created by scholars at the Biblioteca Braidense di Milano and publicized out by the blog FilosofiaStoria, is organized by the name of the research institution that did the digitization work, not by title, but it provides a welcome overview of libraries, archives, and publishing houses that are actively digitizing their holdings. The actual descriptions are not very detailed, sometimes noting only a selected  few of the periodicals actually available, but there are links to each institutions webpage to get you started.

The blog, FilosofiaStoria, offers an up-to-date survey of new resources for humanities scholars - journals, archives and primary sources, ebooks, podcasts - with a focus on Italy.

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