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Recently Acquired Rare and Antiquarian Materials

Exciting new additions to the Stanford rare books collection, including a political economist's early 19th-century impressions of England, posters and programs documenting the history of the Paris Lido's celebrated Blue Bells dance troupe, and an important collection of works by Torre di Rezzonico. 

French Works 

Adolphe Blanqui: Wikipedia
Blanqui, Adolphe. Voyage d'un jeune français en Angleterre et en Écosse, pendant l'automne de 1823; contenant des observations nouvelles, relatives aux beautés du pays, aux moeurs, aux usages de ses habitans, à leur industrie manufactière, aux progrès des arts, des sciences et de la littérature; à l'instruction publique, enfin à tout ce qui mérite l'attention du voyageur, et orné d'une vue du chateau de Dumbarton; par Adolphe Blanqui. Paris, Dondey-Dupré Père et Fils, 1824. With lithographed frontispiece of the castle of Dunbarton. (4), xix, (1), 396 pp. 8vo.

First edition of the first work by Jérôme Adolphe Blanqui, who succeeded Jean-Baptiste Say in 1833 as professor of political economy at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers and was editor-in-chief of the Journal des Économistes, author of an important and esteemed history of political economy, and brother of the famous revolutionary Auguste Blanqui.

"Blanqui had travelled nearly over all Europe, and only left off traveling when his health compelled him to remain at home. It may be said that the whole of his life was spent in one long and laborious inquiry, principally directed to the solution of those questions relating to the working classes, the importance of which he had realized more clearly than most of his contemporaries. The brilliancy and vigour of his language added an additional attraction to his teaching" (Palgrave, i, p. 155.) This work is a thorough and brilliant investigation into the living and working conditions of the working classes and the economic and industrial conditions of the country, dealing with many aspects such as population, poverty, poor-houses, local commerce and trade, etc., but also presents a general picture of the English nation, the countryside, the cities, ceremonies, architecture, rituals, and its inhabitants, customes, usages, sciences, arts, literature, etc. His main interests were industrial and commercial history and the welfare of the working classes. Although a liberal and a follower of Adam Smith he was much impressed by Sismondi's writings and advocated positive governmental action for the protection of workers.

Margaret Kelly et les Bluebell Girls. Collection de programmes et d'affiches ayant appartenu à Margaret Kelly

An extraordinary collection of materials, primarily programs and posters, pertaining to the theatrical world associated with Margaret Kelly Leibovici (1910-2004), the Dublin-born dance hall star and founder of the acclaimed dance troupe Les Blue Bell's. The documents included here allow us to trace her career from her debut as a dancer with the Folies-Bergère until her retirement, and they follow the evolution of her dance troupe both in France and abroad through programs.

Octave Uzanne: Wikipedia
Uzanne, Octave. La Française du siècle : modes, moeurs, usages / par Octave Uzanne ; illustrations à l'aquarelle de Albert Lynch ; gravées à l'eau-forte en couleurs par Eugène Gaujean, Paris: A. Quantin, 1886

A beautiful example of French bibliophilie. For more on Uzanne, see: Silverman, Willa Z. The New Bibliopolis, French book collectors and the culture of print, 1880-1914. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008.

Italian Works

Anguillesi, Giovanni Domenico. Discorso accademico sulla vita e le opere di Maria Selvaggia Borghini, letto nella pubblica adunanza arcadica della colonia Alpa il 10 gennajo 1828 dal dottore Giovanni Anguillesi. Pisa: Tipografia Nistri, 1828.

“First edition of this lecture on the Pisan noblewoman and poet Maria Borghini, given by the local journalist, historian of literature and member of the learned society Colonia Alfea. Borghini (1654-1731) had been a child prodigy and studied mathematics, Latin, science, philosophy and theology with professors at the University of Pisa. Her translations of Tertullian were not published until 26 years after her death. She founded a noted scientific and literary salon in Pisa and corresponded with a number of Tuscan intellectuals and scientists, among them Lorenzo Magaloti and Francesco Redi, with whom she had a long and close relationship."

Torre di Rezzonico: Foto by Como
Torre di Rezzonico, Carlo Castone della. Discorsi accademici dell conte Castone della Torre di Rezzonico, segretario perpetvo della R. Accademia delle Belle Arti, Parma : Dalla Stamperia Reale, 1772. Bound with: Torre di Rezzonico. Versi sciolti e rimati di Dorillo Dafneio. [Parma : Dalla Stamperia Reale, 1773]; Arrivabene. Memorie di Giambatista Gherardo conte d'Arco. Parma : Dalla Stamperia Reale, 1792.

First editions of three books from the Bodoni press in Parma.  The first two works are illustrated with beautiful engravings by the engraver and painter Benigno Bossi and are relatively early examples from the press.  The Discorsi also includes an elegy and sonnets.  The last of the three works is a biography of Giambatista Gherardo conte d'Arco, an Italian economic thinker and close friend of Condillac.

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