Wednesday, July 15, 2009

finding French digital projects -

A recent meeting at the BnF focused on digital projects in France. I am still making my way through the proceedings, but wanted to share 2 searchable catalogs of French digital projects - Numes and Patrimoine numerique, with the latter having by far the greater number of entries. Both of these allow you to search for collections of digital objects - books, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, images - being created by the BnF, as well as university, municipal, and historic libraries and archives around the country. Apparently these catalogs will be combined in the future, but for now they are separate. A quick search turned up WWI newspapers from Alsace, 18th century prints of Marseille, and Queneau's manuscripts.

Many of these resources are available on the Internet, others are only accessible in the libraries themselves.

Patrimoine numerique

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