Friday, May 24, 2013

Au revoir, Georges

Chansonnier, poet, songwriter Georges Moustaki passed away this week...
I saw him perform in Paris in a small club in 2000 -
Here are a few titles at the library about him and by him.

Pelle, André., and Georges Moustaki. The Colours of Alexandria. Alexandria, Egypt: Harpocrates, 2005.

Calvet, Louis Jean, Georges Moustaki: La Ballade Du Métèque. [Paris?]: Fayard, 2004.

Moustaki, Georges. Petite Rue Des Bouchers: Roman. [Paris]: Editions de Fallois, 2001.

Moustaki, Georges., Georges Moustaki, and Siegfried Meir. Fils Du Brouillard. Paris: Fallois, 2000.

Piaf, Edith, Edith Piaf Song Collection. Milwaukee, WI: H. Leonard Corp., 199.

Kaplan, Nelly., Georges Moustaki, Bernadette Lafont, and Julien Guiomar. A Very Curious Girl.(film)

Moustaki, Georges., and Cécile Barthélemy. Georges Moustaki. Paris: P. Seghers, 1970.

Moustaki, Georges., and Mariella Righini. Questions a La Chanson. [Paris] Stock, 1973.

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