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Recently acquired rare and antiquarian materials – Roman de la Rose, early French atlas, anarchist journal

Some items of interest that are arriving soon in Special Collections.

LORRIS, Guillaume de, MEUNG, Jean de. Le Rommant de la Rose nouvellement revues et corrigé selon les precedentes impressions. [à la fin] ... et imprimé nouvellement à Paris l'an Mille cinq cent xxx viii. On les vends à Paris, Arnould et Charles les Angeliers freres ...

The first published volume of the Roman de la Rose appeared in Paris in 1481, and there were 21 editions between then and 1538. Of these, ten were published in 1537 and 1538, among them the edition offered here. After 1538 there was a break in the publication history until the eighteenth century (1735). Previously, SULAIR’s earliest copy was from 1799; the acquisition of this 1538 copy allows faculty and students to see how the work appeared to Renaissance readers. There are 49 woodcuts in this edition, and one can see some marks in the text made by a previous owner.

TASSIN, Christophe. Les plans et profils de toutes les principales villes et lieux considérables de France Ensemble les Cartes de chacune Province & les particulières de chaque Gouvernement d’icelles. Paris, Melchior Tavernier & N. Bercy (tome II), 1638-1644.

17 parties en 2 volumes in-4 oblong relié plein vélin souple de l’époque, titre manuscrit au dos. Edition originale du tome I et nouvelle édition du tome II.

This is one of the earliest French atlases, and bears the name of Christophe Tassin (sometimes mistakenly called Nicolas Tassin), who was a royal engineer, geographer, and print seller. This example is a mixed set, with the first volume from the first edition, and the second from a later edition. Tassin initally held the privilege on his work, rather than the publisher as was common, but he soon delegated it to certain booksellers and so the work appeared under several publishers, including Berey (this copy). This atlas contains topographic maps either made on site, composed from firsthand sketches by military engineers, or sometimes taken directly from other mapmakers, such as Chastillon. This work contains over 400 engravings of views, city plans, chateaux and monuments.

Sottovia, Ettore, ed. Il Conferenziere Libertario: Rivista MensileRoma: 1922-1925, bound in two parts, as follows: Nos. 1-24 (January 1922-December 1923) and Nos. 25-42, 45, 47-48 (January 1924-December, 1925); quarto, illustrated.
Very rare anti-fascist/anarchist periodical – we may be the only US library with a collection. Issues #43, 44, 46 may have been suppressed according to an internal note. This periodical complements other holdings of early European anti-fascist and anarchist materials, including Quaderni di "Giustizia e Libertà (1932), printed in Paris and hidden under a paper cover marking it as La filosofia di Giambattista Vico, Seconda edizione!

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sine sole sileo said...

are u interested in those anarchist books and journals?

-Torce nella notte virgilia d'andrea 1933
-il processo agli anarchici nell'assise di milano
Errico Malatesta In 60 Anni Di Lotte Anarchiche ARMANDO BORGHI


-contro gli intrighi massonici nel campo rivoluzionario
-il vinto i quaderni dell'atifascismo di mario mariani


-il conferenziere libertario anno 1 fasc 10 ott 1922
-l'adunata dei refrattari 24 settembre 1938 numero 39
l'adunata dei refrattari 27 giugno 1936 numero 25

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