Thursday, November 18, 2010

SearchWorks updates

I imagine that many of you are now using SearchWorks, Stanford's new library catalog, rather than Socrates, and encourage those not to try it out. The SearchWorks team is continuously improving and adding new search and display features to the catalog. Here are the latest updates:

Search by Call Number
The most prominent among these is the addition of a "Search by Call Number" option to the main search box. While SearchWorks has supported searching by some call numbers for a while as an undocumented feature, it now supports more accurate searching for more types of call numbers. We've also made this more apparent in the application by adding it as a distinct option to the pull down list, giving users the choice to search everything, or by authors, titles, subject terms, or call numbers. We will continue to work on enhancing call number searching over time.

So for now, to search by a call number:
  1. Enter the call number in the search box (no quotes required)
  2. Click the arrow next to Search, and select "Call Number"

 Requests for On-Order Items
On order items are now requestable via SearchWorks, using the new request forms application. (Previously these items would display, but without a request link.) Items that are not requestable (because they are missing, for example) will now receive a helpful "No Item to Request" page, rather than error. 

Subject Links Now More Precise
Subject links and subject searches previously permitted terms to be found across multiple subject headings, giving larger (and less accurate) result sets. For example, clicking on this subject link: 
  • Vocal music > Thematic catalogs.
would also find records with these separate headings:
  • Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809 > Thematic catalogs.
  • Vocal music.
Now subject links (and a quoted subject phrase searches) will find the terms in order within in the same heading.

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