Thursday, September 23, 2010

French cultural outings

Well this first one is a stretch, but I had the good fortune to go to see Bill Irwin's adaptation of Molière's play Les fourberies de Scapin, entitled Scapin at ACT in San Francisco last night, and highly recommend it if you aren't afraid of physical comedy, clowns, and modern adaptations of 17th century French drama. As someone who grew up seeing Bill Irwin (Scapin) and Geoff Hoyle (Geronte), in the Pickle Family Circus in the 1970s and 80s, it is always a treat to see them perform (and to live across from their original rehearsal space!). It is playing through October 17 at the Geary Theater.

Also coming up in late October is French Cinema Now, a weeklong festival of new French film sponsored by the SF Film Society. Tickets are on sale now, and the films featured include:
Two in the Wave (2009) about Truffaut and Godard

Copie conforme (2010) by Abbas Kiarostami with Juliette Binoche
Copacabana (2010) by Marc Fitoussi with Isabelle Huppert
all photos taken from the SFIFF webpage.

Tickets for both Scapin and French Cinema Now will probably sell out, so get them now!

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