Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Candide 2.0 at NYPL

The New York Public Library has a current online exhibit entitled Candide 2.0, a networked version of Voltaire's 1759 classic using the Modern Library's 1918 English edition. Read along with marginalia from Alice Boone, the curator of the NYPL's current exhibit Candide at 250, Scandal and Success, and Nicholas Cronk, the director of the Voltaire Foundation, as well as the general public, and add your own thoughts. Other features of this online celebration include a Google Earth mapping of Candide's travels, and visual representations of the text.

The New York Public Library has one of the largest Voltaire collections in North America, the Martin J. Gross Collection of Voltaire and His Contemporaries Rousseau and Diderot. You can consult the collection's guide in the Lane Room.

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