Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Swiss books

Each year, the Swiss cultural promotion board, Pro-Helvetia, sends along a box of books by francophone Swiss authors. This often includes a few books that we've already acquired for the library.

These duplicates often sit in my office for months, so this year I'd like to offer these books to anyone who is interested. Just drop my an email , and I can send them through ID mail to you. Stanford affiliates only.

The titles available are:

Layaz, Michel. Cher Boniface. Genève: Zoé, 2009.
Delarue, Claude. Le bel obèse. [Paris]: Fayard, 2008.
Chessex, Jacques. Un juif pour l'exemple: roman. Paris: B. Grasset, 2009.
Kramer, Pascale. L'implacable brutalité du réveil: roman. Paris: Mercure de France, 2008.

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