Monday, August 17, 2009

Recently acquired rare and antiquarian books

Collection of 42 pieces (arrest, declarations, lettres patentes, ordonnances) published between 1724 and 1787, concerning the manufacturing, production, and commerce of various cloths: a very nice collection on industrial, manufacturing, and economic policy in France in the eighteenth century. 4to. Disbound. – these are cataloged separately, feel free to contact me for a title list.

Adam, Victor, 1801-1866. Les accidents de voitures. [Paris : c.1862]
Wonderful book of humorous prints depicting transportation and traffic accidents in the 19th century – pre-automobile.

Eseqvie fatte in Venetia dalla natione fiorentina al serenissimo D. Cosimo II qvarto gran dvca di Toscana il di 25 di maggio 1621. In Venetia : Appresso il Ciotti, 1621.
This work describes the funeral celebrations in Venice in honor of Cosimo II de’ Medici and includes detailed etchings showing the views of the church, the procession, and a set of scenes from Cosimo II’s life. The celebration was organized by Giulio Strozzi, of the important Florentine family who had been the Medici’s chief rivals in the 15th century, but later intermarried with them. Strozzi was a well-known librettist and poet, whose output also included works, such as this one, describing Venetian ceremonial and musical culture.

Bandettini, Teresa, 1763-1837. Polidoro; tragedia, [Lucca, F. Bonsignori, 1794].
The first of two plays by the improvisatory poet Teresa Bandettini.

Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. Réflexions sur ce que l'on appelle bonheur et malheur en matiere de loteries : et sur le bon usage qu'on en peut faire. A Amsterdam : Chez George Gallet, 1696.
First edition of this in-depth treatment of lotteries. The author, a friend of John Locke whose influence is clear in this work, deals with both sides of luck.

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