Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grand Tour online - digital resource trial

We have just started a trial to a new digital resource - The Grand Tour - from Adam Matthew Digital Digital. It will be available from Stanford IP addresses until May 31st.


The Grand Tour contains both primary and secondary resources, including correspondence, memoirs, maps, photographs and other images, documenting the travel experience on the European continent from 1550-1850.

Here is the publisher's description of its scope and contents:

"... This collection of manuscript, visual and printed works allows scholars to compare a range of sources on the history of travel for the first time, including many from private or neglected collections. We include letters; diaries and journals; account books; printed guidebooks; published travel writing; paintings and sketches; architectural drawings and maps.

The Grand Tour is a wonderful source of information about daily life in the eighteenth century, highlighting such everyday issues as transportation, money, communications, food and drink, health and sex.

The material also covers European political and religious life, British diplomacy; life at court, and social customs on the Continent, and is an invaluable resource for the study of Europe’s urban spaces.

There is a wealth of detail about cities such as Paris, Rome, Florence and Geneva, including written accounts and visual representations of street life, architecture and urban planning." http://www.grandtour.amdigital.co.uk/Introduction/Default.aspx

Note that because this is a trial, the "download document as PDF" function will not work.

Please check it out and send me feedback!

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