Wednesday, April 1, 2009

interesting primary sources in SULAIR...

My job is filled with discoveries - which often involve Stanford Libraries' collections. From now on I'll be regularly posting about interesting primary sources found in the depths of Special Collections. Often these items are hard to locate, either because they are minimally catalogued, or because they have funny call numbers like Misc (Miscellaneous) and MSS (Manuscript) or MSS Codex (Manuscript codex - for manuscripts bound in book form).

Some of these sources I find serendipitously as I read book vendors' detailed catalogs and check to see if we have various items on offer. Our star semi-retired rare books cataloger, Barry Hinman, also occasionally sends my way citations of books and other materials that he thinks I might like to know about. These will be the main sources for a weekly series of blog posts about hidden French and Italian primary sources here at Stanford.

Here's the first - 11 manuscript volumes containing records of an 18th century French fund for the state to tax and repay rentes.

Organization: France. Sovereigns, etc., 1715-1774 (Louis XV).
Title: Caisse generale des amortissements etablie par Edit
du Mois de Decembre 1764, 1766-1775.
Related e-resource: Finding aid available online
Physical Description: 11 v.
Summary: These are the records of a fund operated between 1764
and 1770 to receive a tax on "rentiers" by which
"rentes" themselves were to be reimbursed, thus
relieving the burden of bond repayment which otherwise
fell on ordinary crown revenues.
Note: Purchased, 1977.
Subject (LC): Social history--18th century.
Subject (LC): France--History--Louis XV, 1715-1774.
Subject (Other): CHR 18th century--France.
Repository address: Dept. of Special Collections Stanford Univ. Libraries
Stanford, CA 94305.


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