Friday, January 9, 2009

EIO Newsletter

EIO Newsletter #3

EIO - Editoria italiana online is an extensive digital library of current Italian monographs and periodicals by major Italian scholarly publishers. It is offered by our Italian vendor, Casalini libri. We have a subscription to EIO Complete. All topics in the humanities and social sciences are covered - history, literature, classics, art history, philosophy, and more. Publishers include: Ecole francaise de Rome, Salerno Editrice, CLUEB (Bologna UP), Carocci, Olschki, etc. Periodicals include: Studi sul Settecento e l'Ottocento, Acta philosophica, Bruniana e campanelliana, and Italianistica.

Full text searching makes this a valuable resource. Here's a hint: if your searches are returning too many hits, make sure that you've selected "Phrase" (not "Word") in the drop down menu.

EIO can be accessed from the Databases page, or directly from using a computer with a Stanford IP address.

They just sent out a newsletter with highlights and updates on the collection - Enjoy!

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